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Manufacturer: Hubei

Substance: Methyltestosterone

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Methyltestosterone represent a synthetic oral anabolic steroid known in bodybuilding for long time. Methyltestosterone is classified as C-17 alpha-alkylated. This substance is derivative of testosterone. Methyltestosterone is an androgenic drug with low anabolic effects. Methyltestosterone is well known in bodybuilding and supplement that is taken principally to enhance the body and Stimulate the psyche, increasing aggression. As the most oral anabolic steroid Methyltestosterone have the propriety to convert to estrogen in the fatty tissues.

Methyltestosterone Dosage

Ingesting 25 mgs an hour before working out helps in the rapid rise of strength as well as aggression in the users. If the compound is to be used in the steroid cycle then the dosage would be 100 mgs a day when taken in tablet form. The active life of this drug is six to eight hours in the human body.

Methyltestosterone Side Effects

Methyltestosterone side effects include liver toxicity and lowering of plasma viscosity in the blood. This compound can aromatize into estrogen when administered and so if taken in very high doses, it might cause water retention in the tissues. It might also lead to the development of gynecomastia and enlargement of prostrate in men. Taking this form of endogenous hormone also affects the natural testosterone level of the body. It also has prominent androgenic properties and so might lead to androgenic side effects as well such as oily skin, development of acne, hair loss in those who are already prone to it and growth of body and facial hair. Women should avoid using this drug at any dose as it might lead to the development of make sexual characteristics in them.

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