Durabol 100 British Dragon

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Manufacturer: British Dragon

Substance: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

Package: 1 vial, 10ml (100mg/ml)

Durabol 100 British Dragon Pharmacaetuicals is a pronounced anabolic steroid and reduced androgenic activity (as compared to testosterone). The active ingredient of the drug - nandrolone phenylpropionate attached to the airwaves. The drug has a half-life of less than a classic decanoate - 2-4 vs. 7-10 days, respectively. Ethereal chain Durabol approximately twice shorter than that of nandrolone decanoate, and because the injection must be performed twice as often. Despite some inconvenience fenilpropionala applications, it has significant advantages in the form of a lesser tendency to side effects and a shortened recovery period of the body's own testosterone production after completion of the course. If you have a negative reaction to nandrolone (in the form phenylpropionate), its abolition quickly removes negative impact.

It is not recommended to take Durabol 100 competing athletes. The period of its discovery by modern means of doping control is 16 to 18 months. This makes it impossible to use either in the base period, especially in precompetitive.

Durabol Effects

- The increase in protein synthesis by the body. Muscle mass grows gradually on the course, but you type dry-quality fiber.

- Increased strength.

- Stimulation of collagen synthesis and the formation of additional synovial fluid. These two functions Durabol 100 help strengthen ligaments and joints, and increase their mobility.

- Strengthening immunity, anti-inflammatory effect.

- Improved absorption of amino acids.

Mistakenly believed that the effects of nandrolone decanoate and phenylpropionate something different. In fact, the difference is only in the blood removal time of the active substance.

How to take Durabol 100

Given the short half-life phenylpropionate, Durabol recommended to inject at least two times a week. 100 Durabol course for beginners - 25 milligrams of active ingredient every 3-4 days for 4 weeks. These are the minimum dosage. Professional bodybuilders very rarely used solo course nandrolone, but if that happens, the dosage at the same time are not less than 200 mg every other day for two months.

How to take Durabol 100 women? Recommended dosage not to exceed 100 mg. For athletes phenylpropionate is a good drug, because thanks to a short chain of the ether, in the event of side effects of drug action can be quickly stopped.

Durabol Side Effects

In case of overdose Durabol may develop gynecomastia, water retention in the body, increase body fat. Eliminate the adverse effects of Durabol 100 or prevent them from occurring and help Tamoxifen or Clomid. Among the unpleasant "pobochek" androgenic origin are the main baldness, acne and increased sebaceous glands. Women need to be especially careful when taking nandrolone. With a significant excess of allowable dosage may occur virilizuyuschie effects: irregular periods, changes in the skin structure, facial hair growth, deepening of voice.

Durabol 100 Reviews

Positive reviews of 100 Durabol often leave professional athletes. To preparation made all the alleged effects, the need for intensive training, adherence to diet, enough rest and, of course, well-built regimen of the drug - that is the main essence of the statements of high-level athletes. They advise beginners and those who have not tried AAS, before the start of the course all to think and count to somewhere in the middle or near the end did not find an annoying error, which would negate the effectiveness of all steroids.

Reviews Durabol of athletes taking anabolic, showed no negative impact on the female body nandrolone in compliance with recommendations for acceptance and duration of the course.

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