Andropen 275 British Dragon

  • Manufactured by: British Dragon
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Manufacturer: British Dragon

Substance: Testosterone Acetate (20mg), Testosterone Decanoate (90mg), Testosterone Propionate (45mg), Testosterone Phenylpropionate (45mg), Testosterone Cypionate (75mg)

Package: 1 vial, 10ml (275mg/ml)

Andropen 275 British Dragon is a powerful drug anabolic and androgenic nature. It is a mixture of testosterone esters, which delivers the steroid lasting effect due to the uniform alternating the blood flow is removable from the corresponding ester of testosterone. An ester is a hydrocarbon chain that is attached to the molecule of anabolic steroid to give it specific characteristics: the time you enter blood and Deposit. Esters were created in order to remove the need for frequent injections. As a result of the injection of anabolic on a essential basis, in place of the drug formed a kind of oil depot, which supplies gradually (rate of release into the blood of active substance is characterized by the half-life of ether) blood steroid. Combined in Andropen 275 esters with different half-lives provide a continuous flow of testosterone in the blood until after the action of the latter (decaonate).

Andropen 275 has many beneficial effects for athletes: from strengthening the immune system and normalization of the nitrogen balance of the body to Express the gain muscle mass and strength of muscles. Andropen is designed specifically for the sport, he is in great demand in weightlifting, bodybuilding, power extreme, weightlifting.

Andropen 275 Effects

- The maximum increase in muscle mass, which is only possible with the help of testosterone.

- Increased power and endurance qualities of the athlete.

- Strengthen joints and ligaments, improve function and eliminate pain.

- An increase in appetite, acceleration of metabolism.

- Improve overall health and immunity.

- Increase motivation.

- Normalization of the nitrogen balance.

- Increase in sexual desire while taking the drug.

Andropen 275 is composed of five testosterone esters with different half life: acetate – the day (that is, the next day the concentration of the active substance in the blood will drop exactly in half: half of it is already removed from body), propionate – two days, phenylpropionate – four days, cypionate, up to 8 days decanoate – 12 days.

How to take Andropen 275

Course Andropen 275 lasts up to 6 weeks, the dosage is 300 to 600 milligrams per week. Injections are given once a week, which is very convenient. Receiving a mix of testosterone by women is not recommended, because the drug is quite powerful and can cause virilization.

To gain the maximum muscle size is possible to take Andropen 275 together with Dianabol, and shortly before the submission deadline to connect Stanozolol. This scheme will allow you to gain lean muscle mass and avoid the phenomenon of recoil. As a post-cycle therapy is recommended to use Tamoxifen or Clomid and Gonadotropin.

Andropen 275 Side Effects

Negative impact on the body of the mixture of the testosterones found most unprepared for the rate of athletes who start taking the drug without knowing the nuances. If you exceed the specified in the instructions to Andropen 275 dosage, the duration of the course or ignore PCT, possible gynecomastia (especially if the athlete has individual predisposition), greasy skin, hair loss or excessive hair growth, acne. In compliance with the regimens and post-cycle therapy, side effects not observed.

Andropen 275 Reviews

Most athletes satisfactorily expressed on the work of Andropen 275 British Dragon. Notes its powerful anabolic action, low incidence of side effects, convenience and painlessness of injection, the ability to strengthen the immune system. Reviews about Andropen 275 from practicing steroid people is the best proof of its safety and effectiveness.

There are even some reviews on Andropen 275 left by the athletes. They claim that the accepted dosage well below the recommended men and has made significant progress in the results.

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